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  1. MemeGRL
    March 24, 2011

    I agree–Toy Story is the only truly amazing part of Hollywood Studios, and the Block Party Parade made me wish it was shorter (and I usually love parades). The old parade, Disney Stars and Motor Cars, was much better (because it was more low-key, not despite it).
    However, you missed THE thing that made our whole trip to Disney–Star Tours and the Jedi Training Academy. Becoming young padawans at the Jedi Training Academy and fighting Darth Vader is the only thing our boys (7 and 5) talk about. The ride (which is being redone) was perfect for the age (almost but not quite too intense for the five year old), and then learning to fight Darth Vader–it was bliss for boys of that age.
    And you make me glad we missed the movie ride! It was awesome in 1986 but perhaps has run its course…


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