Advertising & Reviews

Advertising: I love my advertisers. They keep this site running.  I will consider a giveaway in conjunction with advertising, and it will be disclosed as such. If you’re an advertiser, please contact me at blog (at) for rates and viewer stats. Or just make me an offer I can’t refuse.

Attraction/Show Reviews: I review museums, Broadway shows, occasionally other family-friendly shows and other attractions that fit in with the website or my audience.

Review Policies: If I hate something, I’ll post about it. Some websites only print positive reviews about happy travel and products. That’s not me. If something wasn’t worth it, I’ll tell my readers.

Paid Reviews: Given the time it takes for a quality product or service review, I usually charge for them. These are disclosed as paid reviews, and I will share likes and dislikes. Payment does not mean you get a positive review.

Giveaways: I’ll happily consider giveaways of quality products, hotel stays, memberships and admission passes for readers, but I do them very rarely, and they must have good value for the readers.

Travel Policies: I’m a professional travel writer. My work for national magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs keeps me financially solvent. I usually pay for my own travel. When I get media or comped rates for hotels, attractions or shows, I do not guarantee a review (let alone a positive review). I tend to look for the best deals out there and I’ll share those with you. I will disclose if I received comped or discounted tickets.