Mitsuwa With Kids: Edgewater

I love foreign grocery stores and all the better when they’re in my backyard! After visiting Sojo Spa in Edgewater, we headed to Mitsuwa Marketplace. Unfortunately not everything was open, since it was 7:00 pm. I especially wanted to visit Kai Creamery to get some funky ice cream but they were closed. We still had fun looking around.

Cafe KAI Sweets at Mitsuwa Marketplace. Copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan
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Museum of Broadway With Kids

You know you’re going to a museum about Broadway when you have to buy your ticket through Telecharge, and you pay a $4 service charge plus tax for the privilege! That said, I’ve wanted to go since I heard this was opening. I brought a friend who grew up in the area and is a huge Broadway fan, with stories going back decades. Should you visit the Museum of Broadway with kids? Read on.

The Museum of Broadway opened in November 2022, and it is on 45th Street, just off Times Square. It’s across the street from RISE, another newcomer to the tourist scene.

The Museum of Broadway on 45th Street, at Times Square. Copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan
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Edward Hopper at the Whitney With Kids

The Edward Hopper exhibit is only at the Whitney Museum in NYC through March 5, 2023. Don’t miss it! You still have a few weekends left. If you want to visit the Hopper at the Whitney with kids, here’s what you’ll find.

Hopper exhibit at the Whitney. Copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan

Don’t forget to pick up the lovely activity guide for kids to do at the exhibit. The book will keep them more interested, with opportunities to sketch and to look at the artwork with information aimed at their age level. We saw the booklets at the coat check, but I’m sure they have them elsewhere too.

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Grounds for Sculpture at Night With Kids

We’ve been to the Grounds for Sculpture a few times during the day and loved it. It’s a huge place with a lot to see, and many fun and playful sculptures the kids will enjoy. The picture below was the first stop, and the projections on the sculpture kept changing, as did the lights on the trees behind on the right – which I think is the last of the exhibits – it’s a row of trees you walk through that’s pretty in the daytime too.

Grounds for Sculpture at night with kids – fun colors and lights! Copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan
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