New Jersey Corn Mazes and Pumpkin Patches

I did a corn maze for the first time last year, and am making it a yearly tradition. The kids are now old enough to last in there for more than 10 minutes. We wandered around for probably two hours (maybe an hour longer than was really fun for the kids).  Interestingly, I was dizzy when we got out.  So many twists and turns.  I let them take turns picking the direction.  If it weren’t for the staff positioned at one spot in the maze, we never would have made it out.  Even after getting directions out (it was something like – turn right at every turn until after the bridge, then turn left at every turn), it still took us 15 minutes to exit! I look forward to the day when my husband and I go together, and we compete, Survivor style, to see who can make it out first.

Let me share some corn maze tips with you, before giving you a list of New Jersey corn mazes to consider!

Alstede’s 2009 maze


–Before you go in, use the bathroom. This cannot be stated enough.

–Bring food and water. Your kids will need some nourishment during their breaks. Bring your own, or buy something on site. Most farms sell food too.

–Wear comfortable shoes – that can get can't see over it!

–Put on sunscreen

–Wear layers of clothing. No sense in getting lost…and cold (or being too hot because there’s nothing underneath that gorgeous sweater).

–Bring a pair of 3-D glasses with that red film on them. Some corn mazes give you a map that you can decode with the red film (of course they  also sell it). Even with the map, you still may not figure out where you are or how to get out.

–Bring a durable stroller or baby carrier for little ones – though some corn mazes have bridges you need to cross

–Make sure your kids see some of the treats outside – like cider doughnuts or pumpkin pie. Make sure they know that if they’re good in the maze, that’s what they get when they exit.

–Take allergy medicine before you go – you don’t need to sneeze your way through!

–Keep track of landmarks,  usually pieces of garbage (the corn all looks the same) to figure out where you are and if you’ve been there before.

–Leave yourself enough time

–Ticket sales often close an hour before the maze closes.

Here’s a sampling of corn mazes and pumpkin patches in New Jersey. Please confirm times, locations and prices before you go. Many of the activities are weather-permitting.
Parker Gardens in Scotch Plains

1325 Terrill Road, Scotch Plains

Activities: Hayride weekend: hayrides, huge hayslide, maze, pumpkin slingshot, pumpkin picking. Facility is 14 acres

Dates: Weekends from October 9th to 24th

Hours: 11 a.m .to 4 p.m.

Ort Farms in Long Valley

25 Bartley Road, Long Valley

Activities: corn maze ($4), train rides, Clydesdale horse rides, hay ride ($1), pumpkin picking (55 cents/lb), Monster Truck rides (see dates)

Food: Hot dogs, hamburgers, Funnel cakes

Dates: Weekends. Monster truck rides are on Sundays through 10/24 from noon to 5 p.m., and Columbus Day 10-6. Farm stand is open daily 9-7

Donaldson Farms in Hackettstown

358 Allen Rd., Hackettstown

Activities: corn maze, pumpkin picking, hay rides

Dates: Pumpkin picking (daily); corn maze (daily) hay rides (weekends and Columbus Day)

Details: Corn maze takes 25-45 minutes to complete – stroller accessible

Time: 10-5 on weekends

Von Thun’s Country Farm Market in Monmouth Junction

505 Ridge Road, Monmouth Junction

Activities: pumpkin picking (daily), corn maze (daily)

Details: Rutger’s Corn Maze – 5+ acres ($8, including free hayride. Lots of puzzles and challenges in this maze. Plus you can get text message clues

Dates: Daily

Time: Pumpkin picking 9-6 weekdays, 9-5 weekends

Time: Corn maze 1-5 weekdays, 10-5 weekends
Alstede Farms in Chester

84 Route 513, Chester

Activities: pumpkin picking (daily), hay rides (daily), corn maze, moon bounce, pony rides, additional smaller mazes

Details: Corn maze celebrates 100 years of boy scouting founding – theme is Words to Live By. Corn maze is 10 acres. Maze might have bridges

Dates: pumpkins and hayrides (daily)

Corn Maze: open until Thanksgiving

Times: pumpkin picking and hayrides 9-7 daily

Food: cider doughnuts, hot dogs, fruit, store

Costs: a confusing array of payment options. Corn maze starts at $11.95 for kids, $13.95 for adults and goes up from there depending on what other activities you want to do.
Norz-Hill Farm & Market in Monmouth Junction

16 South Branch Road, Monmouth Junction

Activities: pumpkin picking, farm tours, corn maze, pony rides

Details: Creepy Hollow Corn Trail Friday and Saturday nights (7-10) during October. $12/person. Kids 13 and under not permitted without adults.

Costs: Corn maze alone is $6/adult, $3/kid age 5 and under. Farm tour plus maze is $10/adult, $5 kids 5 and under. $4 for pony rides

Dates: Weekends

Time: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (last hayride is at 5 p.m.)
Tranquility Farms in Allamuchy

Route 517, Allamuchy

Activities: hay ride ($1), petting zoo, corn maze, train ride, bounce house

Details: can buy wristband which includes bounce house, train ride and more.

Dates: Weekends through October 31 (plus Columbus Day)

Cost: Can buy wristbands (include bounce house, train ride and more)

Food: cider doughnuts, BBQ, pies
Stony Hill Gardens in Chester

15 North Road, Chester

Activities: large corn maze, 4 smaller mazes, flashlight maze nights, hay rides ($1), pumpkin picking (59 cents/lb), gemstone mining ($4-$6 plus maze ticket)

Details: corn maze is 10 acres – it has bridges. Farm has several smaller mazes too.

Dates: Corn maze is weekends and Columbus Day, through November 14. Pumpkin picking is October weekends from 10 to 5

Hours: Friday-Saturday are 10-9 for all activities in October. Sunday-Thursday in October are 10-6, and Nov 1-14.

Cost: Mazes are $12 for anyone age 13+, $10 for ages 3-12

What New Jersey corn mazes do you like? Comment below!
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  1. I do not remember such complicated mazes in the Hillsborough/ Bridgewater, NJ area where we lived from 2000-2003 before moving to California. But each autumn, we usually took the kids, who were 9 and 5 in 2000, to pumpkin patches with hayrides, farm stands, and small corn mazes. Now, in San Diego, my daughter laughs whenever we drive by the small fake “pumpkin patch” located under the palm trees at a busy intersection.

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