Review Sojo Spa in Edgewater

I love Korean spas, and have visited and reviewed traditional Korean spas King Spa and Island Spa in Edison. A new upscale and less traditional Korean spa opened up last year, Sojo Spa in Edgewater. I brought a friend and our teen daughters. Given all the nakedness in the hot tub rooms/locker rooms in traditional Korean spas and for scrubs, we were a bit nervous – naked spa-ing with our kids was no one’s idea of fun. But that worry was for naught. Here’s our review Sojo Spa in Edgewater!

Sojo Spa in Edgewater. Copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan

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Review: Island Spa (Korean Spa) in Edison

The last two summers I spent a day at King Spa Fitness in Palisades Park, NJ. It’s a huge Korean spa, and one for which non-Koreans like me need a culture lesson before going. I was thinking of going back this summer, when a friend told me that Island Spa in Edison just opened up this summer, in July. In the name of research, I went there instead.

The exterior of the charcoal island at Island Spa. Photo copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan
The exterior of the charcoal island at Island Spa. Photo copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan

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Review: King Sauna (King Spa Fitness)

A few years back, I read an article in New Jersey Monthly about King Sauna in Palisades Park. And my interest was piqued. I love trying new spa experiences, especially after going to one in Turkey. So when the kids were off in camp and I didn’t have to worry about what time to pick them up, I drove to Palisades Park.

When you check in, you get a wristband with your locker key and a bar code you use for any purchases. They give you a toothbrush, large shower towel, and a smaller hand towel which you bring with you as you sauna. They also give you a “uniform,” pink for women, white for men. They were like scrubs material, but shorts and t-shirt. They flattered NO ONE.

Unfortunately the women’s locker room and spa was under renovation, so we were in a much smaller locker room, and the spa (hot tubs, showers, bathing area, steam room) wasn’t as nice as the one in the pictures online. That said, they’re supposed to have the changes finished this weekend. Continue reading “Review: King Sauna (King Spa Fitness)”

Discount Massages in New York and New Jersey

Getting a massage in New York or New Jersey shouldn’t be a pain in the neck or cost an arm and a leg. Okay, bad puns I know, but life’s little indulgences can add up quickly.

Today I’m over at Suddenly Frugal talking about how to score great deals on massages. Check out the link.

And know that the East Coast Spa Week is coming up October 11-17 – get a massage, facial or other body treatment for just $50. In Manhattan alone, 102 spas are participating, offering massages, facials and more. Included are Red Door Spas, Perricone MD Flagship Facial Salon, Clarins Skin Spa, Jurlique, the Spa at Trump, and more.

In New Jersey, you can book $50 treatments at 45 spas. In the Suddenly Frugal post, I mention using group buying websites to get great deals on massages, facials and the like. In fact, I got a fabulous  massage at the Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Care Spa for $59 thanks to Groupon (versus the standard price of $130).

KGB Deals is offering several great packages right now – look for the deals listed on the right side of the web page.

–$12 entrance to Turkish and Russian Baths ($30 value), plus 20% off all services while you’re there (including the platza oak leaf scrub, Dead Sea Salt scrub, Dead Sea mud rub, and Swedish or Russian massages). Get the deal here.

–$29 for a spa manicure and pedicure plus hand or foot reflexology at Tribeca Spa of Tranquility ($70 value). Get the deal here.

–$49 for deep pore cleansing facial at Albina’s Spa ($120 value). Get the deal here

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Review: La Salon in Millburn

When SpaFinder recently ran its $50 specials, I looked for spas in my area to test out. I chose La Salon in Millburn.

The facility:

I arrived a few minutes early for my 10 a.m. weekday appointment, and walked in at the same time as the person opening up. The waiting area consisted of a basic chair next to the front door. I arrived before my therapist, JoJo.

La Salon tries to be upscale, but it’s not. They run a hair salon downstairs and have a handful of massage rooms (plus a manicure area) upstairs.  The massage room door had a small glass window on it, with no curtain or covering. When I changed, I was a bit self-conscious that someone might walk down the hall and look into the room. I was supposed to lie down on my stomach on the table, using a bath towel to cover up with (instead of the usual large sheet). While it was cozy, it’s a bit harder to cover yourself up with a towel when you’re lying on your stomach.

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