Nashville Cheekwood Botanic Garden

While in Nashville recently, a friend suggested we check out Cheekwood Estate and Gardens. It’s about 20ish minutes outside the downtown area. While planning out our trip, I saw that they had a Bruce Munro exhibit at Cheekwood which got me excited. I visited Sensoria in Paso Robles last year, and it was breathtaking. Acres and acres of changing lights, viewed in the darkness.

The trains at Cheekwood Botanic Garden. Copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan
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Nashville Grand Ole Opry Backstage Tour

When in Nashville, you really can’t miss a trip to the Grand Ole Opry. We unfortunately did not catch a show there, but we did get a backstage tour. As we are not country fans, the Opry was a bit foreign to us and the younger ones in our group were not looking forward to the tour at all. Turns out they had fun and learned a lot, and it was a highlight of the trip for them!

The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan
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Nashville Murals

Murals are a big thing in Nashville. Just google “Nashville Murals” and you’ll find not only lists of the murals, but tours that will take you there. Golf cart tours. Van tours. Party bus tours. We got some lists before we went, and then decided to just see what we saw and not look them up.

Bussin Around Nashville mural in 12 South. Copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan
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Nashville: Scenes from Music City

Going through all my Nashville photos, there were a lot that didn’t fit any specific category I was covering. So I’m including some random photos that will tell a bigger picture of the Nashville scene.

Puckett’s with Kennedy Scott. Copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan

I have a friend who lives in Franklin, and she took me to Puckett’s, where they have live music and food. We spent some time listening to the lovely Kennedy Scott singing. She’s a Nashville native and we enjoyed hearing her.

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Corteo – Cirque du Soleil with kids

I love Cirque du Soleil performances. They are always a cut above circus-type performances, with its creativity. Last year we were treated to Crystal, a Cirque du Soleil show on ice. Tomorrow night we’re seeing Corteo – Cirque du Soleil with kids at the Prudential, with acrobatics and yes – clowns! The show will be in town through June 18, so don’t miss it!

Corteo. Courtesy of Cirque du Soleil
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