Stay-at-home activities for kids in the garage

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As a parent, you want your children to have the best childhood of their lives. One way to give this fun childhood experience is to make your home a great place to play and do some exciting activities. Luckily, your garage has the potential to be a child-friendly place for home activities. 

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Disney World Tips to Make Your Trip Magical

We returned from 3.5 day trip to Disney World in early February. Here are our Disney World tips to make your trip easier.

Cinderella’s Castle at 50. Copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan

Disney World tips for Magic Kingdom fireworks: You don’t have to stand in the mosh pit in front of Cinderella’s Castle, or pay for expensive dessert packages to have a great view of castle fireworks. We stood on the bridge between the circle in front of the castle (the one with the Walt statue) and Liberty Square (close to #37 and #38 on the map). We got there less than 10 minutes before the fireworks. It was not a mob scene. It was not very crowded at all. And we got a great reflection of the castle in the water too.

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Disney World with the Disability Pass

DAS pass Disney World

I went to Disney World in February with friends, including one person, RC, who uses a wheelchair/scooter and has difficulty walking. Does Disney World offer disability passes? Definitely. RC qualified for the Disability Access Service (DAS) at Disney World and we were not sure what to expect during the registration process or while we were there. This post will help explain the DAS pass at WDW and how to use it. You’ll find info on how to register for the DAS pass Disney World at the bottom.

Front row seat for Frozen Singalong at Hollywood Studios, where the handicapped-accessible seating was. Copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan
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Tiffany’s Flagship Next Door

We often visit Tiffany’s during our holiday window walk in November or December. They have fantastic windows and the store is great to poke around (and they have nice bathrooms). The flagship store is going through a major overhaul, but I still wanted to go in during this holiday season. The renovation isn’t expected to be complete until fall 2022. You can now shop in the Tiffany Flagship Next Door store, which looks polished enough to be a regular jewelry store.

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What to Expect at the Harry Potter Store in NYC

The Harry Potter store opened in NYC in June, and I’m guessing it’s still as busy now as it was when it opened. We went last weekend (mid-December) on a Sunday, which is probably one of the busiest times we could have gone. To find out more about the virtual queue system, scroll to the bottom. Getting INTO the 21,000 foot store is an ordeal. What to Expect at the Harry Potter Store in NYC? Read on.

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This holiday season: NYC CAMP has you covered

If you’re looking for some things to do this holiday season in NYC, Jersey Kids has some ideas, brought to you by CAMP.

CAMP wants to help you have tons of fun at their immersive in-store experiences, help you make unique and clever gifts for your family and friends, and to show you some great toys (ahem, good presents!). Whether you live in NYC or are visiting, you’ll have options for great seasonal outings.

Here are some of the CAMP NYC holiday highlights:

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