Treat of the Day: Dylan’s Candy BAR (the alcoholic type)

I’m sure you know about Dylan’s Candy Bar, and all the candy it contains. In fact, it was a Treat of the Day sometime back. However on our recent visit, my husband saw a sign outside for happy hour. What does that mean in a candy store? Well, it turns out they have an actual bar upstairs, in the same area that you can get ice cream treats. It’s slightly roped off and we had to show ID to get in (though  they let our kids in with us, stamping their hands).

This is what lured us into to Dylan’s Candy BAR.

They served drinks like a S’more shot, with marshmallow vodka, whipped vodka, creme de cacao, and garnished with a graham cracker rim. Or try a Sugar Rush Shooter with different vodkas (cake, coconut, whipped cream) and a sugar rim.

Drinks garnished with candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar.

We went the cocktail route. I had a Pop-a-Rita, a standard straight-up margarita with pop rocks. You can also get a Sour Patch margarita with tequila infused with Sour Patch kids, and garnished with the candy. You can get an alcoholic Root Beer Floatini. or a Jolly Rancher (infused in the vodka), with Triple Sec  and lime juice. Garnish is a gummy cherry. The Strawberry Nerds Mojito looked quite good too.



Cocktails at Dylan’s Candy Bar. Yum!

Needless to say, we enjoyed our drinks.

These weren’t ours. We would have finished the candy.

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The bar stools were awesome. I want these in my house!

peppermint stools at Dylan’s Candy Bar

The tables were filled with gum balls.

A table good enough to chew at Dylan’s Candy Bar.
A table good enough to chew at Dylan’s Candy Bar.
Eat inside a cupcake at Dylan’s Candy Bar.

We did some perusing after our drinks – we were much more mellow with a drink in our bellies.

Fudge at Dylan’s Candy Bar
Lollipops at Dylan’s Candy Bar
Can you figure out why this was in the clearance section of Dylan’s Candy Bar?

And of course a trip to the bathroom was in order before we left.

The bathroom at Dylan’s Candy Bar. What do you think of the wallpaper?

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