Commemorating 9/11 2013

September 11th has a more intense meaning for us now that we live in New Jersey. The house we live in was once owned by a couple, whose husband perished in the Twin Towers. Living here is a daily reminder.

The 11th anniversary is upon us, and I just wanted to put out a few resources on where you can find information on how to discuss the day with your children.

The 9/11 memorial in Manhattan opened last year, on the 10th anniversary. The museum is not yet open, however there are lesson plans available. These were developed by teachers, through the New York City Department of Education, and the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education. You don’t have to be a credentialed teacher to use them, of course. As parents, we’re all teachers. The site also has¬†tips on how to talk to your children about 9/11.

The photo above is the Empty Sky memorial in Jersey City. It was dedicated last year to those in New Jersey who lost their lives on 9/11. It’s a beautiful memorial, and you can see steel from the World Trace Center in the foreground. The names of those lost are inscribed inside the walkway on the stone panels. The view? Well, yes. That’s where the Twin Towers stood.

MommyPopppins has  fabulous list of ways to commemorate the day with your family, with a lot of resources. Please check it out.

Our thoughts go to all who lost friends and family members on that horrific day, and to those who died in the aftermath of helping in rescue and clean-up efforts.