48 Hours in Amsterdam with Kids

We recently transferred through Amsterdam on our way from Tanzania. It would be a shame to miss spending time in this wonderful city, so we planned 2+ days in Amsterdam. With so little time, we really had to maximize our hours. (Read 12 random observations about Amsterdam after this).

The Amsterdam houses are built into the water and mud using pylons. The originals are still in place. Copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan

So here are our recommendations for what to do in Amsterdam with 2 (or 2.5) days, in no particular order. Continue reading “48 Hours in Amsterdam with Kids”

Tips for traveling as an unaccompanied minor

My kids do a lot of traveling, but they’ve never traveled on the plane alone. Until now. I just booked my daughter on a cross-country flight to stay with her best friend for a week.

If you’re considering sending your child on a flight alone, here’s where to start.

Kayak.com has a list of airline fees, which includes unaccompanied minor fees. You’ll see that the fees vary a lot according to the airline, ranging from $25 on Alaskan Airlines (one way), to United’s $150 fee one way. That’s in addition to the airline ticket. Some charge by the kid, some charge by the family, and some change the rate depending on the flight length. Of course you’ll want to confirm the rates with the airline as well.




When you start looking into flights you’ll want to ask yourself these questions: Continue reading “Tips for traveling as an unaccompanied minor”