Stay-at-home activities for kids in the garage

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As a parent, you want your children to have the best childhood of their lives. One way to give this fun childhood experience is to make your home a great place to play and do some exciting activities. Luckily, your garage has the potential to be a child-friendly place for home activities. 

The only catch in this idea of having stay-at-home activities in your garage is the hazards your heavy garage door can pose. It is important to be cautious and take preventive measures to lessen the risks of being near a large door. You can do this with the help of technicians who provide professional services such as general garage door repair to garage door spring repair and other maintenance services. 

Aside from that, you should also consider the type of activities you are planning to do at home. Make sure that these activities are possible to do in the spaces of your garage and not compromise your safety. Here are some fun stay-at-home activities for kids that you can do in your garage!

Cozy movie night in the garage

Kids absolutely love to watch movies while eating their favorite snacks. Make your night extra special by setting up a projector, sound system or speaker, and a nice clean white background to turn your garage into a movie theatre. You can also add a soft comforter and pillows for a cozy experience. And don’t forget the popcorn and drinks as well!

Build a fort and camp

Surely kids ages 9 to 10 would love building a fort for a camping experience. You can set this up in your own garage using cardboard boxes, sheets, or actual camping gear. You can also add some fairy lights or night lights to add extra aesthetic appeal.

Make sure to bring their favorite stuffed toy, pillows and blanket for a comfortable sleep. Kids would even love this experience if they have to dress up and wear their favorite costumes. You can make a program full of activities such as playing games, star gazing, reading books, storytelling, watching a movie and of course eating their favorite foods! 

Scavenger hunt

Another activity children would love to do is playing games! A scavenger hunt is easy to set up and exciting to play. Before explaining the mechanics, you should take safety precautions by removing any tools or dangerous items inside your garage.

For the mechanics, you will need to gather some toys or materials and make sure you write them down. Then, scatter them around the garage where they are either obviously or secretly hidden. Show the list to your kids and let them find everything on it. The one who finds most of the items wins the game.

Crafting or painting

It is normal to see stains inside the garage and so turning it into an art studio is not a problem. You can encourage your kids to explore their creativity by painting or making crafts and art in your garage. There, your children can freely use the space and do whatever they want on their canvas. 

Indoor basketball

Set up a mini basketball net inside your garage using a small bucket or hoops where your kid will shoot the ball (which can be a sock ball). Each player takes turns in throwing the ball into the hoop and whoever shoots it, gets points. This is a fun activity during the day when you can open your garage door for better lighting.

Fun exercise

Some homeowners turn their garage into a gym. You can do this as well and let your kids join you in exercising, especially in the age of COVID-19. A great way to boost the immune system is to exercise during the day. 

This is good bonding with your kids because at an early age, they get used to the importance of exercising. You can make it fun by playing music that your kids like and just let them groove with the tunes. 

Make sure your garage door is secured!

It is normal to be hesitant in allowing your kids to play in your garage because it is not really the safest part of your home. However, you can childproof your garage door by making sure it is working properly. A faulty garage door can cause more trouble because the parts are wearing out and breaking. 

You should consider hiring a technician to troubleshoot any defects in your garage door. Plus, having a garage door repair service will prevent small issues from getting worse. Thus, regular garage door maintenance will help you use your garage in different ways because you are sure that your garage door is secured.