Treat of the Day: Doughnut Plant

If you find yourself on the Lower East Side and in need of something sweet and filling, head over to Doughnut Plant. I keep wanting to call it Doughnut Planet because that makes more sense to me. But alas, it’s Doughnut PLANT.



These puppies are DENSE and delicious, with a variety of interesting flavors like cashew and orange blossom, Concord grape and anise seed, matcha green tea, chocolate hazelnut, creme brulee and more.


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So Doughnut Plant has been around a long time – 20 years to be exact. Read their interesting story here.


Unfortunately we had to pop in quickly before our appointment at the Meow Parlour┬ávery close by, or we would have hung out longer eating more. You can’t bring the doughnuts into the Meow Parlour, just so you know.

And if you live or work in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens, no need to actually go to the shop. They’ll deliver for $4.99, which seems like an amazing deal to me. Details here.


Doughnut Plant is at 373 Grand Street in Manhattan, though they have Queens and Brooklyn locations too, and you can buy their doughnuts at many (many!) other places around the city like Shake Shack.