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How to get tickets to Hamilton on Broadway

Given all the kudos and (deserved) attention Hamilton on Broadway has received in the past six months alone (never mind the build-up to the Broadway opening), the big question is how to get tickets to Hamilton. I’m so glad I got mine already – I saw the show in September. My husband was horrified that […]

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Macy’s Holiday Windows 2015

This year, the Macy’s Holiday Windows feature the Peanuts gang. They tell the classic Peanuts Christmas story, with characters that move. Sometimes it’s their heads, sometimes the clouds float from the bottom to the top, and sometimes they cross from one side of the window to the other. You can also hear them narrating what’s […]

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Review: Mad Libs Live with Kids

Our family is a big fan of Mad Libs. We play them a lot – on car trips, on plane trips, on line at the amusement park…But a Mad Libs Live show off-Broadway? How would that work? Well, we got to find out. Here’s our review of Mad Libs Live with kids!

Outside the […]

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Review: Saturday Night Live Exhibition with Kids

When I went to check out the new Discovery of King Tut exhibition at Premier Exhibitions for a press visit, they said we could also go to the Saturday Night Live exhibition. Woo hoo! I hadn’t realized that was even a thing (shame on me). It was like a super guilty pleasure that turned out […]

Review King Tut Exhibition in NYC with Kids

I saw the King Tut exhibit in the 1970s, traveling from Arizona to San Francisco just for the occasion. That exhibit brought 50 of King Tut’s tomb items around the country, causing mob scenes (well, a lot of people anyway) in the form of record attendance. I saw a fair amount of Tut goods in […]

Lord & Taylor Holiday Windows 2015

I got an early look at the Lord & Taylor windows last week, and wanted to share them with you! It’s easy to spot the store, with the greenery and lights.

Lord & Taylor’s holiday greenery. Copyright Deborah Abrams Kaplan.


Interesting facts about the Rockettes

After seeing the Rockettes perform, I was interested in learning more about them. Here are some fun facts:

Rockettes must be at least 18 years old by August 31 to perform that holiday season

Santa’s Reindeer – the Rockettes. Photo courtesy of the Rockettes.

They start working late September or early October and work […]

Review: Rockettes Radio City Christmas Spectacular With Kids

Every year we talk about going to see the Rockettes Radio City Christmas Spectacular, and then we don’t get plan ahead and the tickets are too expensive. Or the reasonably priced tickets are at 9 a.m. or 10 p.m. – or on a weekday while the kids are in school. (Info on discount Rockettes tickets […]

Treat of the Day: Doughnut Plant

If you find yourself on the Lower East Side and in need of something sweet and filling, head over to Doughnut Plant. I keep wanting to call it Doughnut Planet because that makes more sense to me. But alas, it’s Doughnut PLANT.

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Review: Meow Parlour in New York City

We don’t have any pets at our house (unless you count fish), but I do like dogs and cats. I first heard about cat cafes while watching the Amazing Race. And then I found out there was one in New York City – it’s called Meow Parlour. My kids freaked out and couldn’t wait to […]

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