Fun New Toys This Season

The kids and I visited a toy show recently and got to test out some new products. I wanted to share our favorites with you.

I thought my kids were too old for play dough, but it turns out they’re not. This Yummy Dough was a surprise hit. Combine the ideas of play dough with cookies, and you get an edible play dough (you can eat it raw or baked). It has no butter in it, and almost all natural coloring (the only color that isn’t 100% natural is the blue, which has a few drops of dye). The other color comes from things like tumeric and beets. It’s a German product being introduced in the U.S. by two parents. The dough is $12.95/container, and you mix it yourself to make it fresh. Each container carries 4 colors in separate packs – just add water. It’s pricey enough you may want to give it as a gift or use for special play dates, though I have a buy one, get one free code good through January 7, 2013 if you buy from their Smarty Parents website. Use code BOGODOUGH at checkout. I’ve purchased color cookie dough before, and it tasted terrible. The Yummy Dough, while not something I’d choose to serve guests, tasted okay and the kids liked it. A neighbor sampled the leftovers that we brought home, and he thought it was great.  Continue reading “Fun New Toys This Season”