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Treat of the Day: Magnum Ice Cream Bars in Soho

I was wandering through Soho last month and passed a store I hadn’t see there before. With a big ice cream bar in the window, of course I went inside. This is the new Magnum seasonal store at 134 Prince Street. It opened in April.

It’s glitzy and fun and would please any child and […]

Treat of the Day: Doughnut Plant

If you find yourself on the Lower East Side and in need of something sweet and filling, head over to Doughnut Plant. I keep wanting to call it Doughnut Planet because that makes more sense to me. But alas, it’s Doughnut PLANT.

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Treat of the Day: 10 Below Ice Cream in Chinatown

When I heard about the new ice cream place called 10 Below in Chinatown, where they made the ice cream in front of you in two minutes, I knew we had to go. Soon! I saw these pictures of ice cream rolls with cute toppings and it was a done deal. So I told my […]

Treat of the Day: Rice to Riches

I have to admit, I did not actually eat at Rice to Riches. It wasn’t open yet (too early in the day), and we were on our way to Scott’s Pizza Tours, which meets nearby. But the Rice to Riches company signage was so funny and the concept so awesome, I have to believe it […]

Treat of the Day: Doughnuttery

If you haven’t been to Chelsea Market, you’re missing out. It’s one place we bring almost all visitors who want to see New York City. But that’s a whole other post.

One section of Chelsea Market has a an open area with a bunch of small vendors, mostly selling food. The Doughnuttery was new from […]

Treat of the Day: House of Cupcakes

French Toast cupcake – a winner!

We spent last Saturday in Princeton, picking up the race packet for the Princeton half-marathon for the next day No, I wasn’t running, hubby was. But we wanted to spend the gorgeous sunny day, bursting with fall leaf goodness, walking around the Princeton campus and downtown. Look for […]

Treat of the Day: Tammy Coe Cakes

Okay, so this isn’t local but if you make it to the Phoenix, Arizona area, stop by Tammy Coe and check out their cakes (they make pastries too). My mom ordered two cakes for my anniversary and my sister’s (we got married on the same day a year apart).

Look at the draping and […]

Treat of the Day: Sugar and Plumm, Purveyors of Yumm

Just a few days after Easter, I thought I’d tempt you with come Easter candy – and some that’s not specifically for the holiday. This treat of the day comes to you from Sugar and Plumm, with stores in Paramus, NJ and the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Pictures are from the latter location, just […]

Treat of the Day: Dylan’s Candy BAR (the alcoholic type)

I’m sure you know about Dylan’s Candy Bar, and all the candy it contains. In fact, it was a Treat of the Day sometime back. However on our recent visit, my husband saw a sign outside for happy hour. What does that mean in a candy store? Well, it turns out they have an actual […]

Treat of the Day: Eleni’s

Eleni’s in Manhattan’s Chelsea Market was a delight. Their specialty is cookies – you’ll see how each of them is decorated like its own piece of art. They have a wall of different design groups. Their cupcakes are also scrumptious. And kosher and baked in a nut-free factory. Take a look at what you’ll find […]